It is clear that websites are best transmitted over HTTPS. Logically, it is also important to ensure that no elements are included on an HTTPS page that "only" transmit via HTTP. But this is often forgotten. If the wrong elements are JavaScript files or CSS files, the browser blocks the loading of the complete website. Pictures and videos are displayed, but in the browser the "safe" button in the menu bar disappears - a horror for the reputation of the website.

The Insecure Content Checker alerts as soon as unsafe elements are present on a website. These can be all kinds of assets such as CSS files, images, videos or JavaScript files.  

The check can be configured so that it only alerts in blocking cases. But it is also possible to create single exceptions that only exclude certain URLs.

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Editorial contents

In the editorial environment, websites are normally populated by editors. Often the user of the systems is granted the possibility to place any HTML content on the page. In such cases it can happen that someone who is not technically versed uploads wrong content. This could be unsafe images, for example. In this situation, the Insecure Content Checker will suggest and help to fix the problem.