Pricing Plans - Lean Testing for every project size


Leankoala offers three pricing plans suitable for different project requirements. Use your 14-days free trial to find out which package and duration of subscription suits you best. Your free trial includes all Leankoala features and you will be able to choose your plan at the end of it. None of our plans seems right for you? You want us to configure and individual offer? No problem, request your quote at
 All prices based on twelve months subscription (monthly subscriptions upon request), excluding 19% VAT.
Web Project 1 system
50 components
Ping interval 5 minutes
Unlimited alerts
Live Support
69 EUR (89* EUR)
Web Company 15 systems
50 components
Ping interval 5 minutes
Unlimited alerts
Live Support
349 EUR (389* EUR)
Web Corp Unlimited systems
Unlimited components
Ping interval 5 minutes
Unlimited alerts
Live Support
499 EUR (549* EUR)

Web Project

EUR 69 / monthsat 12 months subscription

Web Company

EUR 349 / monthat 12 months subscription

Web Corp

EUR 449 / monthat 12 months subscription

A system is defined by a principal domain, all components must be part of it or a sub-domain.

1 unlimited unlimited 

Components are represented by URLs and can contain elements such as HTML-Sites, XML or JSON documents.

50 50 unlimited 

Leankoala offers a broad range of integrated tools that can be used to check your systems.


Leankoala offers joint and comprehensive dashboards to view all your testing tools on your projects at once. Possible integrations include Jenkins, Pingdom or NewRelic.


No matter if you use Leankoala to simply ping your most critical components or if you set up detailed monitoring routines, all checks are always included. Unlimited.


Whether you are using the tool for yourself or with your entire organization, just add your team members to your projects.

Check Intervals

All checks are run cyclically without users needing to initialize them explicitly.

KoalaPing: Every 5 minutes
all other checks: hourly
Manual ignition of single checks

Particular checks can be initiated manually at any time.

Manual ignition of all checks

All checks of a system can be initiated manually at any time.

Automated ignition of all checks

Test Automation of all checks can be initiated within deployment or continuous integration process.

Static IP Address

Static IP addresses can be used to grant access to internal systems.

Community Support

Access to the Leankoala Slack Group for best practice sharing and user support.

Live Support

We're offering Livechat Support from 9am-5pm (CE(S)T), accessible directly on the Leankoala websites.

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