Frequently asked questions

What is a project?

Projects can be online shops, portals, editorial websites, web services or other systems that can be accessed on the Internet. In principle, it is a collection of URLs that are together in one context. Usually projects are defined by a common domain.

How many URLs can I monitor per project?

We want all important URLs of a project to be monitored and tested. Thereby, a URL of each page type should be stored in Leankoala. On average there are about 20 pages, but should there be more, this is covered by a project. 

But I have thousands of URLs, what now?

This is not a problem. Customers like also use Leankoala and have written millions of articles in recent years. Here it is important to consider which pages are "equal". Here not all pages have to be monitored but only one representative. Normally this reduces the number of pages to a few dozen. Otherwise we have our crawler, which does wonders for large portals.

Do subdomains belong to the same project?

Subdomains can easily be registered in Leankoala and belong to the project domain. 

Can I cover all my international sites with one project?

If the sites are portals or shops for other countries, then these are several Leankoala projects. If it is "only" a multilingual site, it can be monitored with one project. In which category your project falls, our support team can answer you directly.

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