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Leankoala is the new standard for website testing and monitoring. Using pattern recognition, automation and a lean symptom-based approach to quality management, our innovative Software-as-a-Service reduces efforts in testing and monitoring by up to 80%.

Leankoala is the ideal companion for organizations that seek to work efficiently on their digital innovations - supporting the entire development cycle. Let your teams work on your product while we run your tests. 

  • increased team productivity
  • faster release cycles
  • reduced revenue loss due to undetected bugs

Give your team some "koality time"!

Symptom based testing as a service

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Our lean Koala is a pretty pragmatic character: It loves to spend as much "koality time" on the important things and hates to waste time on repeatable avoidable tasks. That said, our software memorizes certain attributes of a web page (attribute-based testing and monitoring) and makes sure that these attributes are still available after a deployment or release. Leankoala checks for patterns on HTML- as well as HTTP-Level. Such attributes could range from the simple presence of visible elements such as a header, a headline to single words like "imprint". However, loads of critical elements that Leankoala checks automatically are invisible such as the response of tracking tools or the correct integration of adserver pixels or site speed and size.

But Leankoala would not be the king of pragmatism as a service if it only memorized the websites of its customers. Building on our ever-growing database our tool knows the internet by heart and our setup wizard makes it even easier for our users to determine business critical elements that need to be tested and monitored. You don't even have to be a developer to set up your tests with us.

Getting to a fully functioning and reliable testing and monitoring environment will only take you five minutes with Leankoala - better start your 14 days free trial now!

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