• Easily found on the net
    Important SEO features should be in place after each deployment. Whether headers, images, headlines or CSS files - you name it, we check it!
  • Present products optimally
    Functioning searches, complete product pages or existing price information are continuously checked.
  • ​Generate happy customers
    We continuously test and monitor all components for smooth and profitable customer experiences, such as feedback and communication functions or analytics pixels.
  • Always be available 
    From page speed and general availability to valid HTTPS certificates, we prevent critical shop failures with simple automated checks.

No matter if it is a common shop system or a self-construction, Leankoala works with all technologies.



Leankoala allows us to develop much more detailed tests for websites than is possible with most rudimentary ping test tools.

Holger Woltersdorf, CIO Fortuneglobe

At last, you can improve quality and save resources at the same time. We set up the monitoring and testing for your shop together and support you during a test project!