Leankoala tests a website by using simple checks as the Lean Testing approach suggests. This application also takes care of the whole incident lifecycle, starting with cyclic checks, alerting and data analysis.


Leankoala provides 32 tools that are able to check if a website is working correctly. A few examples of those checks include a ping tool, an XPath checker, a regEx tool and some security checks.

List of all Leankoala tools
360°-Monitoring with Leankoala

Many websites can be tested the same way, which is why we introduced "recipes". A "recipe" is a set of rules that can be applied to any component.


Everything that happens at Leankoala stays at Leankoala. We store all incidents in our database for at least one year. Additionally, we keep all event data available for two months.


When finding an anomaly in the checked system, Leankoala will immediately send a notifitcation to a defined group of recipients. This can be done via E-Mail, Webhook or Slack.


Incidents occur even in the best bug-free environments. To reduce the amount of work needed, project collaborators can be assigned to an incident.


We love Slack. That is why Leankoala is not only able to send notifications via Slack, but is also able to list, acknowledge and close incidents directly via Slack.