For every web platform, continuous availability is vital for survival and any failure is damaging to business. Due to an established uptime monitoring the most important pages are permanently checked for their accessibility.


Uptime Monitoring can answer the following questions

  • Is the server responding within a critical time interval?
  • Is the page rated as secure by the browser?
  • Do all components pass a health check?
  • Is the server responding with the correct status code?
  • Are all critical pages such as the imprint or the data protection page accessible?

In an increasingly mobile web, the loading time of web platforms plays a steadily growing role. If users have to wait unnecessarily long, they are usually lost without a second chance. The further development of web platforms poses a particular challenge, since any changes can potentially reduce performance


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Performance Monitoring can answer the following questions

  • Is a long cache lifetime set for images and fonts?
  • Are text documents such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript transmitted in compressed form?
  • Are JavaScript and CSS minified?
  • Is the JavaScript code executed quickly?
  • Does the server respond quickly?
  • Are the images on the website too large?

Good search engine optimization has long been more than just linking pages and setting the right keywords. Many criteria such as performance, security and other quality features now play an important role.


Weitere Features zum Thema: AMP Validator .

SEO Monitoring can answer the following questions

  • Are there load-time critical resources that slow down the Google Crawler?
  • Does the site load not ssl-verified resources?
  • Is there a robots.txt file?
  • Is there a title tag in the HTML structure?
  • Are there keyword and description metatags?
  • Are my sitemap.xml files valid and available?
  • Can all relevant pages be indexed?
  • Is the site responsive and mobile friendly?
  • Are there pages that return a status code 404?

The DSGVO, which was introduced on 25 May 2019, has once again focused greater attention on the legal situation of online offerings. Therefore it becomes more and more important to continuously check whether the required pages and information are available.


Legal/ DSGVO Monitoring can answer the following questions

  • Are the AGB linked?
  • Are the terms and conditions of third party providers correctly linked?
  • Does the Consent Tool work?
  • Does the privacy policy contain all the necessary information?
  • Does the imprint contain all necessary information?
  • Are the pages Imprint and Privacy accessible with one click?
  • Are the contents legally compliant? For example in online shops.
  • Is the page rated as secure by the browser?

Every professional web platform needs marketing tools in one form or another. No matter if it's about simple tracking of visitors or playing out advertising, the marketing tools must work reliably.


Marketing Monitoring can answer the following questions

  • Do important landing pages work?
  • Does the remarketing work?
  • Is the advertising delivery tracked?
  • Are the right advertising spaces filled with the right elements?
  • Is advertising displayed?
  • Are all tracking pixels functional?

For modern monitoring it is not enough to simply check whether a site is "alive". As an operator, you also want to know whether the content is being played as expected and whether important buttons, headings and texts are present on the pages.


Content Monitoring can answer the following questions

  • Is there an h1 heading on the page?
  • Is the newsletter form still displayed?
  • Do all the teasers play?
  • Does the shopping cart button exist?
  • Are all important elements available on the website?

The technical complexity of websites is increasing more and more. Technical properties are a challenge in monitoring, as they are often not directly visible for a manual tester. Leankoala monitors executed JavaScript, HTTP headers and many other features a website has.


Technical Monitoring can answer the following questions

  • Do all APIs answer as they should?
  • Does the JavaScript code run error-free?