Why Leankoala?

The new standard in web testing and monitoring.

  • For agencies

    Every client wants high quality web applications delivered in no time and minimum budget. Leankoala and its Lean Testing approach helps you bridge the gap between quality assurance, budget restrictions and timings - happier teams included!

  • For digital entrepreneurs

    Your website is your show-room, business card, operational centre and even more crucially - your source of revenue. Outages of even single components of your website can mean significant revenue losses and damages to your consumer experience and business model. Therefore the constant but lean and efficient monitoring of your business critical website elements is key to your digital business success.

  • For quality managers

    Conventional testing procedures, such as ISTQB, have been designed for offline applications. Web applications require lean and dynamic testing procedures that reflect their specific characteristics. Leankoala is the testing tool for our lean symptom based testing approach that suits the needs of modern agile web development. Developing Leankoala we were seeking to integrate two crucial requirements for lean quality management. A standard problem should get a standard solution and individual challenges should also be met with the same tool. We're convinced to have done a pretty good job with our software-as-a-service.

  • For publishers

    Leankoala emerged from digital quality management at two of Europe's largest publishing houses. Hence we're especially efficient when testing editorial websites that generate revenues through online advertising. For example, Leankoala makes sure that your content follows your sites structure and is easily accessible to the user and that your tracking and adserving pixels have not gone missing. Our database of dozens of websites makes automated testing of publishing websites especially easy and cost-efficient. The tool is supporting the continuous integration process and can be implemented within the development phase of a website. Additionally, the constant publishing of articles makes editorial web pages prone to various small bugs that need to be constantly monitored in addition to testing after each deployment.

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