We see agencies as our partners. We provide them with a tool that enables them to provide their customers with a high-quality service even after the end of a project and thus prolong their bond. Leankoala is used to continuously check the quality.

  • Informs in case of system problems
  • Informs in case of user errors
  • Quick to set up
  • Higher profit margin

Online Shops

In competition with Amazon and Co. it is extremely important that your own shop works fast and flawlessly, so that interested buyers are not lost to the large platforms. Leankoala helps to improve the first impression and also to maintain a continuous technical and content quality.

  • Checks login and shopping cart
  • Informs in case of system problems
  • Informs in case of performance problems
  • Finds too large or slow elements


Leankoala was born in the environment of the big publishers. For this reason, many of the websites with the highest reach in Europe also use the service. Here, special focus is placed on content, advertising and tracking.

  • Monitoring of the advertising delivery
  • Always the latest / most visited articles in the monitoring
  • Monitoring of the range measurement (e.g. Google Analytics or IVW)

Corporate Websites

The website of your own company is often the first point of contact to potential customers or partners. For this reason it should reflect the values of your company. These include accessibility, speed and quality.

  • Checking for best practice
  • Check for availability
  • Connection to the implementing agencies
  • Management reporting